Month: January 2010

How to Find Your Perfect Home

Whether you are searching for small personal space or a starter family home, this tool can help you find a property to fit your needs. The Multiple Listing Service is composed of hundreds of database computer systems located throughout the USA for real estate agents to showcase their available real estate listings that are for sale and

How Much Money Do I Need to Buy?

Obviously, there is a down payment required to start with. With a FHA loan the down payment is 3.5% of the purchase price. In addition there are closing costs. In today’s real estate market it is not unusual for the buyer to ask the seller to pay the buyer’s closing costs which would be included in the final agreed purchase price.

Financing Pitfalls

As a first-time buyer you want to make sure that you can get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start the process of looking at homes. The mortgage underwriting today is a full-documentation process where the lenders are looking at your deposit accounts, your federal tax returns, your credit score, verifying your income and your

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