Month: February 2014

Bad habits that make you look and feel old

Aging is something that everyone faces, and looking and feeling younger is an industry that generates billions of dollars in the U.S. There are some habits that many people have acquired that can make them feel or look older than their years. By making some simple changes and losing these bad habits, you can look

Common toxins found in practically every home

Toxins exist in the most common household products. The problem is, some don’t come with that skull and crossbones symbol to signify that they may be damaging to our health. Ridding your home of these common toxins can save you money and protect your family’s health, while helping the environment. BPA Bisphenol A, or BPA,

Eating right for eye health

The nutrients in certain foods are good for the health of certain organs or promote specific functions in your body. Fish is brain food. Tomatoes are good for the skin. Blueberries are good for the heart. Oatmeal helps with cholesterol. But what about your eyes? Certainly there are specific foods that you should be eating to help your overall eye

The myths and benefits of the full squat

Over the past few years, core exercises have been becoming more prevalent. One of the core exercises that people neglect is the full squat. Why? Two reasons, really. 1.     They’re hard. 2.     There’s been some misinformation about squats floating around for quite some time. Five popular myths about squats Squats are bad for the heart. While doing them will temporarily raise blood pressure, the heart

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