Month: March 2014

What the dates on food packaging mean

Take a look at practically any food item in your refrigerator or pantry and you’re likely to see a date on the package. There are a number of dates that are voluntarily placed on packaging. That’s right. The dates are voluntary. The FDA mandates dating only on baby formula and baby foods. The dates you

How to trick your brain into doing what you need it to do

  The power of the mind to convince your body that you can – or can’t – do something is absolutely real. Motivating yourself to focus, lose weight or just relax is sometimes a necessity when your brain isn’t really helping you do the things you need to do. You need some go-to tricks to

When Homebuyers Insist on Spending the Night | AOL Real Estate

When Homebuyers Insist on Spending the Night | AOL Real Estate.

How to deal with stress and decompress right now

Stress is everywhere, everyone experiences it and everyone deals with it differently. Last week, we talked about some common ways that people deal with stress that may not help alleviate the pressure of stress; in fact, these methods may actually help you hang on to it and may even affect your health. The negative ways

How not to deal with stress

Everyone has stress in their lives, and stress can be both good and bad. On the one hand, good stress pushes us to excel. On the other hand, it can be debilitating. And just as there are good and bad stress, there are good and bad ways to deal with stress. Learning how to cope

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