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Housing Trends – October 2014

13 Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas and What They Cost

13 Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas and What They Cost

Why You Shouldn’t Rush Through the Final Walk-Through

The final walk-through in real estate was designed so that the buyer could literally “walk through” one last time before the closing. From time to time, a buyer and seller will have negotiated any number of fixes during escrow. The walk-through gives the buyer an opportunity to make sure all the agreed-upon work has been

3 Real Estate Scams And How To Avoid Them

At the AARP conference in May, an attendee came over to Barbara Floyd Jones’ booth and shared a unfortunate tale of financial woe. A fake company masquerading as a government-affiliated housing agency had swindled the unsuspecting homeowner out of $10,000 amid promises to modify the mortgage. After coughing up cash for phony “processing fees”, the

Good Fences, Good Neighbors — and Good Views

Good fences make good neighbors, Robert Frost instructed. Good fences can make even better neighbors when they keep the vistas and sight lines open, even as they establish a boundary. The fences below masterfully set property or area limits while maintaining permeability. In place of an imposing, solid mass of wood or stone, these modern

How to Remove Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

I am moving to a new house where the living room and dining area have wall-to-wall carpeting. I asked the previous owner, and he told me there is hardwood flooring underneath. Could you please tell me how to remove carpet? Even with regular vacuuming, carpeting accumulates a great deal of dust, dirt and debris. So

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates Drop Slightly

Mortgage rates for 30-year fixed mortgages fell this week, with the current rate borrowers were quoted on Zillow Mortgages at 4.08 percent, down from 4.13 percent at this same time last week. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate hovered around 4.13 percent for most of the week, falling to 4.04 percent on Monday before rising to

8 fall home repairs you can’t afford to ignore

Fall is the best time to get your house in order because come winter, small problems can turn into expensive nightmares. Our money-saving checklist covers many things, including your front lawn and your furnace. And many of the fix-ups cost little more than some time and effort. The following tips can save you thousands of

Fall Curb Appeal that Sells

The autumn season has arrived, but don’t let your home’s curb appeal fade as the days become shorter. Try these tips to help keep your home’s exterior looking stellar this fall: Tend to your landscaping. Fall is the time to prune bushes and trees. Remove low-hanging tree branches and trim back bushes that have become

9 Things Buyers Regret Overlooking

The last thing you want after moving into your new house is buyer’s remorse. With so many details to track when buying a home, items can slip through the cracks. Figuring out which areas you shouldn’t overlook is the first step toward mitigating remorse. With avoiding that sinking feeling in mind,® spoke with a

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