Month: December 2017

3 Tips to Getting Preapproved for a Mortgage

When you’re trying to get a mortgageto buy a home, it’s important to make yourself as attractive and appealing to lenders as possible. If you’ve already found a property you like, getting preapproved for a mortgage loan may be just the thing you need to seal the deal. And it’s one good way to avoid getting beat out by other

Save for a Down Payment in a Year Without Breaking a Sweat

Are you looking to buy a house, but the thought of saving a huge amount of money for a down payment sounds like an insurmountable challenge? It doesn’t have to be that way. For starters, you don’t have to lay out as much money as you may think to get into a home. Depending on

Holiday Visitor Prep: 5 Tasks To Cross Off Your To-Do List ASAP

Hosting for the holidays can be an expensive and timely endeavor, from investing in new sheets and blankets to prepping dinners and cleaning the house. At a time of year when you’re already stressed, hosting for the holidays can quickly put you over the edge — but it doesn’t have to. Here are five tasks

5 Things That Truly Don’t Matter When You Buy Your First House

G-STOCKSTUDIO VIA GETTY IMAGES Buying your first home is scary. We get it. All those concerns you have about money are quite legitimate, and the mortgage process can be confusing. On top of that, you want to make sure the house fits you. But some of the things that first-time homebuyers worry about really don’t matter. Here are

The 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Bought My House

My house is adorable. It sits atop a tiny incline, around a tiny corner, in a tiny-but-adorable neighborhood. It has been lived in, loved on, neglected, and changed. It has been both my proudest accomplishment and my biggest regret. I purchased the house when I was young — almost too young — and full of

A Clean Home for the Holidays in 5 Days

While that task probably isn’t your favorite, you know it has to be done. That’s why we chatted with Michael Silva-Nash, a cleaning pro and an executive vice president at Molly Maid of Greater Little Rock, Arkansas, to create a whole-house cleaning guide that will help you get your home ready for any festive event. He shares

Best Fitness Motivation Tips

There are a million reasons why we experience frequent #fitnessfails and a million more excuses we tell ourselves for not working out altogether. But here’s the truth, all those failed attempts and convenient excuses can add up to inevitable breakdown in our physical and mental wellness. Exercise is that important. So how can you get

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