Month: January 2018

Housewarming Party Ideas That Will Make Your New Space a Home

So you’ve put away the cardboard boxes and traded them in for furniture and décor that you absolutely love. You’re all moved into your new house or apartment, and the only thing left to do is throw a housewarming party. But this isn’t just a house party—this kind of event is a rarity, so it

How to Choose the Best Rug Color

Choice of the rug color is quite critical because if no care is taken, the whole outlook of a room can go wrong. But in our presence you don’t need to hire a pro to design your spaces. We have brought some tips and tricks for you that you can follow and choose the rug

The Savvy Staircase: 7 Ways to Get More Use From Your Landing

Contractors You Can Count On: Five Tips From The Experts

I knew a couple who bought a new home and, after a few years, decided they wanted to make some upgrades to the kitchen and dining room floors, as well as upgrade the existing fireplace with some tile. They found a contractor who promised he could do both jobs. Impressed, no doubt, with his expertise

5 Most Common Toilet Troubles and How to Fix Them

If there’s one household fixture we really rely on—and hate to have to fix—it’s the toilet. But while these fixtures are prone to acting up now and then, the good news is many common toilet repairs are do-it-yourself-friendly, requiring few (if any) basic hand tools. So if your toilet is giving you trouble, you’ve come to

Smart Homes — What Buyers And Sellers Need To Know

Smart home technology is growing rapidly—it’s expected to be a $130 billion industry by 2020. Predictably, millennials are leading the smart home charge, but all demographics are enjoying the powerful features these devices can offer. What exactly is a smart home device? These are connected devices that combine artificial intelligence (AI) and Wi-Fi connectivity to help automate

The Most Toxic Household Cleaning Products You Definitely Have at Home

More and more people are making the decision to go nontoxic, switching out their commercial beauty, hygiene, and home cleaning products for organic, sustainable options. If you’ve been contemplating making this lifestyle switch, Pricenomics’ list of the most toxic household cleaning products may be a deciding factor. First off, when you use a household cleaning product, you’re

If You Mess This Up, Your Next Flip Will Probably Flop

Have you ever walked into a house and something just felt off? No, I’m not talking about ghosts or the next haunted-house horror movie. If this happens, chances are it’s because the floorplan wasn’t well designed. I’ve seen this “cardinal sin” of real estate development committed on every level of house, from rehabs to old


It can be downright baffling to pin down the difference between two seemingly identical concepts. In the epic clash of living room vs. family room, is there really a clear distinction? As a matter of fact, yes. Just as we discovered when exploring the nuances between modern and contemporary design, there’s a lot in a label.

Cutting Your Home Heating Bills

Although winter is here, that doesnt have to mean that high expenses are too. Homeowners are often not aware of things that significantly affect utility bills and heating bills. From minor details such as door threshold to attic insulation; it all matters. Follow our article and check critical places that might be causing heat loss.

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