Chicago’s Parks and Playground System

In my opinion it will be Mayor Daley’s legacy that we have neighborhood parks in almost every neighborhood. All this green space has provided lower density recreational space for its residents. On the North Side of Chicago there is a Park within walking distance no matter where you live (Find a Park) and Map for staffed facilities. For families with young children these parks provide playground equipment; for others, benches and an open space to sit and read. There are some parks which have facilities which offer recreational and educational classes for little or no cost. Check out this link for classes which are currently being offered . Some of these Parks even have tennis courts and/or swimming pool (indoor or outdoor). There is even one (McFetridge Park) which has indoor/outdoor tennis courts, indoor/outdoor basketball courts and a year-round indoor ice-skating rink. Many of these area parks are large enough to have baseball diamonds, picnic/BBQ picnic areas and jogging paths. These larger parks also offer free off-street parking. Isn’t that a plus!

It’s nice to see that Chicago has become more family-friendly with the expansion of the Park system. When I was a child the only park that I could play at in my neighborhood was my elementary school playground. Now there are free-standing children’s parks spread throughout each neighborhood. According to the Chicago Park District (link) there are currently 570 Parks located throughout Chicago.

I’m grateful for these expanses of green space which enhance our quality of life.

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