How to Choose the Best Rug Color

Choice of the rug color is quite critical because if no care is taken, the whole outlook of a room can go wrong. But in our presence you don’t need to hire a pro to design your spaces. We have brought some tips and tricks for you that you can follow and choose the rug color that is just right for your space. Also if you want any services related to carpet/rug cleaning and maintenance is the one stop solution. So, let’s have a look at the design strategies for choosing the best rug color:

1. Think Twice Before Choosing White

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For spaces that are in homes with kids or pets, or are frequented a lot by people, white rug isn’t the ideal choice. No doubt white looks whimsical and ethereal, so it’s better to roll out a white rug in less busy spaces.

2. Go For Bold and Bright with a Decor That is Dull and Light

Let’s say while you were decorating your space, you were in a mood to use least colors. But now it seems a little bit bland then worry not. Just a bold and bright rug would do the trick fairly well.

3. Bring It in a Harmony with the Color of The Paint

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You can also team up the color of the rug with the paint. This will make a space look less busy due to the repetition of the same tone on the floor as well as the wall.

4. Add a Touch of Sophistication in a Space Like a Home Office with a Neutral Rug

Some spaces demand a sophisticated and a little serious mood that is more towards elegant side. Such an example is a home office. So, for that a neutral rug would be good.

5. For a Room That Needs More Fun a Multicolored Rug is The Ideal Choice

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On the other hand some rooms require fun such as a kids room where you can put a multicolored rug.

6. The Color and Material of The Floor Matters Too Because Floor and Rug Go Hand in Hand

While choosing the color of the rug also keep in mind the look of your floor. For example you can’t go for a very bold rug with an already dark floor.

7. Monochrome is Magical Always

Black and white rugs have a tremendous ability to blend well in all kinds of interiors. Whether it be rustic or modern, monochrome can never go wrong.

8. Increase Warmth and Coziness with Jewel Tone Rugs

Jewel toned rugs are great for those homes that have cold climate all through the year. The jewel colors are great to fight winter blues and keep the mood good.

9. Create a Dramatic Look with Black

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Are you like batman? Mysterious and dark? If yes then you will happily embrace a dramatic black rug.

10. Match The Color of the Rug with Furniture’s Color

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Just like you can match the color of the rug with the walls. You can do the same with the furniture too for lighter colors.

Source: Amazing Interior Design

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