Meet Burt

Burt Fujishima was born in Chicago and has lived there all of his life. He went to Chicago Public Schools and has witnessed the many transformations which Chicago has undergone over the years. He currently lives in the Roscoe Village neighborhood.

Burt has specialized in helping first-time buyers and his business has grown because of them; some of them have even bought their third and fourth properties through him.

His longevity in the real estate business can be attributed to his honest representations and communications; he will always tell you the truth about what he sees and knows even if it means that you decide not to buy or sell as a result of that. Burt knows that when you have the facts that you will make informed decisions. His approach to business is based upon win/win propositions. He is committed to making sure that you achieve the results you desire and that his wisdom and experience will allow him to provide you with simple solutions to complex situations.

When he is not working he enjoys volunteering and being involved in various non-profit organizations: Lakeview Pantry, Best Buddies, e-Buddies.

He also enjoys going to the Adler Planetarium with his daughters, attending astronomy lectures with them, the Chicago Astronomical Society, CIERA of Northwestern University his alma mater along with various Northwestern alumni events.


Burt Fujishima - Real Estate Agent