Here are some unsolicited comments from people who have worked with Burt in the past:

 “I am pleased to have the opportunity to write this letter as a personal recommendation for Burt Fujishima.  My wife, Alexandra, and I have known Burt for more than 5 years.  He was recommended to us by a realtor friend of our family when we decided to purchase our first home in Chicago several years ago.  We were immediately impressed by his proven track record in the city of Chicago.  Through working with him, we learned that Burt is much more than just a realtor- he is a great friend and resource for his clients. Alexandra and I were very impressed with the way Burt was able to get a feel for our needs.  He listened to our ideas and encouraged us to explore many different options.  He also introduced us to areas of the city that we hadn’t considered.  We were so relieved to have Burt walk us through the entire process, as we were new homeowners with no experience.  He was a great sounding board when it came to decisions and he helped us understand all aspects of the buying and selling process.Our most recent purchase was quite a fixer-upper.  Burt provided many resources to help us renovate our new home and he has an uncanny vision to see the possibilities and offer suggestions.  We were confident in Burt’s advice because in addition to his professional experience, he and his family navigated an extensive home renovation recently too.  He was able to offer his personal experience and recommendations that helped steer us away from potential pitfalls. Overall Burt is a very professional and caring person.  He and his real estate team are all very organized and wonderful to work with.  Alexandra and I would recommend him for any role or job because of his excellent people skills and wealth of knowledge and expertise. ”

Christopher Altman

“Now that our lives have settled down and we are finally in our new home, Sue and I wanted to send you a quick note to personally thank you for all your hard work over the last months. Your integrity and sound professional advice was imperative in guiding us through our new home purchase. We hope to provide future referrals for your services and will certainly use you in our next sale! Burt, once again, we can’t thank you enough for your hard work, dedication and advice! Sue and I both look forward to seeing you in the near future.”

Peterand Suzanne Smith

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did in helping me find my new home! Your attentiveness, concern and follow through was remarkable and helped make my home buying process easier. It’s easy to see why you are so successful and I’m sure that “zest” carries over into other aspects of your life. Thanks again!”

Joanne Yangas

 “I met Burt Fujishima seventeen years ago at which time I was a first time home buyer looking for a condominium.One Sunday I came across an announcement for an Open House, where Burt was showing the property.As it turned out, the condo featured everything on my list including: location, price, indoor parking and a balcony.Little did I know that I had discovered not only a perfect home, but a highly skilled realtor with whom I would develop a long professional relationship.As we talked that afternoon Burt listened to me and heard my expectations and questions about the buying process.He subsequently coupled what he learned with his expertise — advising me and effectively coordinating the work of the lender, attorneys, appraiser, and property manager to smoothly navigate the sale to a timely close.He kept me informed along every step of the process so there were no surprises and everyone was on the same page at the closing.With Burt’s support, I became a homeowner, and I appreciated not only his technical assistance, but his enthusiasm in serving me as a client. Since that that first purchase, I have bought and sold two homes and seven investment properties, and have consistently benefited from Burt’s advice and assistance. Friendly, knowledgeable, and accessible he has always been candid in his review of the property in question. He clearly communicates a keen understanding of the market, and when he has thought it in my best interest, recommended another broker for the listing. That type of engagement is one example of his integrity in practice. While some realtors collect listings that may end up languishing on the vine, not Burt; I have worked with him enough to know he views his success through his clients’ lens. He has actively marketed my properties, in multiple ways, using his team, experience, and resources to successfully meet my sales goals.

Six months ago, I sought Burt’s assistance with the sale of five parking spaces in the Grant Park and Gold Coast area. Now, in this market, I knew my goal to close all of them before the end of the calendar year was a tall order. Yet, Burt accomplished just that. He priced them well, marketed them creatively, generated traffic, brought qualified buyers to the table, and negotiated the sale of each. He and his Chicago sales team kept on top of each sale throughout the process and ensured that nothing went to the wayside. At the end of the process, I was able to pay off my lender as well as put some money in my pocket.

These are just a few of the many reasons that Burt Fujishima will always be my first choice for a realtor. I have and will continue to highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance with the purchase or sale of real estate.  I know first hand that when working with Burt you will have a consummate professional whose efforts will assure that you are informed, comfortable, and confident about the sales process as well as your decisions throughout.”

 Regina D. Biggs

“I’ve wanted to say thank you so often for all you’ve done – especially for your patience and kindness. This experience has been overwhelming but fun at the same time and I’ve learned so much. When I’m unpacked and everything is in order, I want for you to come over. I’ve got BIG plans for this property! It was so nice for you to stop by on Saturday. Thanks for everything, Burt!”

Deborah Fullilove

“I have known Burt and his family in a variety of situations for many years.  He has been my employer and friend fro the past several years. Burt is a successful and ambitious person with high moral standards and a phenomenal attention to detail. He has achieved great success as a Realtor.  He is client-focused and goes above and beyond in making sure his clients are satisfied.  Burt is punctual and professional. In his personal life, I see him as an outstanding husband, exceptional father and caring son who always cares about his family. Personally, I enjoyed being Burt’s assistant and family friend because he is very remarkable persona, highly respected by others.”

Lenka Dockalova

“I have known Burt Fujishima and been his accountant for more than fifteen (15) years.  I have always found him to be honest, ethical and industrious.  He has always shown me a high level of integrity.  I know of no reason why his financial condition is not satisfactory.  I recommend him as a person and a businessman.”

Richard Winer

“Please be advised that I have known Mr. Burt Fujishima since 1993 both professionally and personally.  Over the years I have had an opportunity to observe his character, integrity, and abilities.  His character and integrity are exemplary; and his abilities are of the highest level.  In the past, I have referred family members, friends and business associates to Mr. Fujishima in a professional capacity and I have received only glowing reports about his conduct and performance.  Therefore, I recommend him without any reservations.”

Jack A. Arfa

“I have known Burt Fujishima for the past 14 years and have found him to be an honest and professional individual.  I have been servicing his computer and software needs for his business and have never had any problems or issues with him.  I would recommend doing business with him to everyone I know.  As a matter of fact, my wife and I are currently in the process of purchasing a home for our family through Burt.”

Sherali Jiwani

“I have known Burt Fujishima for the past 14 years and have found him to be of the utmost integrity and honesty.  He will always try to help others, is sincere in what he says and does, and I can always count of him when I need his help.  I have never seen him do anything spiteful or to harm anyone in any way.  He is a true professional in the way he conducts his life.  I wish I knew more people like him! ”

Charles Saponaro

“My sincere thanks for all your efforts to sell the apartment at Edgewater Beach. I know it is still a tough market in Chicago and you really made everything work out in a difficult situation. The mailing you did, the video and your regular updates all showed the highest degree of professionalism. I was very impressed. Best regards and I wish you continued success which is much deserved.”

Joyce Inouye

“I want to thank you for your fine work marketing the Barry property.  I was grateful to get it sold even if it was not for the price I would have liked, but that’s the current market.  I appreciate the professional way you handled the property and kept in touch with me about the status.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of a real estate agent.”

Mike Wierzbicki

“I have been working with Burt Fujishima since 1986. Throughout our history, Burt has remained constant. He is still as enthusiastic, knowledgeable and most important trustworthy, as when I first met him. I know he will always work for my best interests and never try to “steer” me in a different direction. His “home team” operation is seamless and remarkably efficient.. I wouldn’t think of using anyone but Burt for my real estate needs. Working with Burt is always a fun and painless process.”

Gail Isaacson and David Repetto

“Burt did an excellent job of communicating and working with our different personalities, especially during the stressful highs and lows of selling and buying.”

Kelly and Mark Staunton

“Most valuable to us was your open, candid manner by which you laid out the facts for us, pros, cons, etc., without sugar-coating’ anything.”

​Steve Amer

“Outstanding! – very thorough, patient, and honest. Basically you made this a perfect experience… Explained everything – step by step; always available; returned our calls; answered our questions; referred us to a great lawyer, good inspectors and a cleaning service… We don’t think there’s anything you missed in helping us with our first home purchase.”

Chris Altman and Alexandra Foley

“Absolutely Wonderful! Could not have been better… You always explained everything very well. There were no surprises and you made us feel free to ask questions. I felt very comfortable and confident.”

Betsy Johnson

“Excellent constant attention from start to finish. Especially since we were naive in these matters.”

Greg and Tricia Johnson

“Outstanding, always available, extremely knowledgeable and consummate professional. You’re a pleasure to work with.”

Paul Wilson

“Excellent, professional, courteous, genuine, informative, timely, consistent, thorough, connected to good people, and FUN… I felt you were always honest and straightforward with me! I appreciated this.”

​Amy McCarter

“First I wanted to make sure to thank you for the excellent job in selling my condo. Your honest and no pressure advice couldn’t be better. We did get the highest price in my building! If I ever wind up in Chicago without a doubt, I’ll be calling you. I’ll also be sure to recommend you to my friends.”

Greg Fink

“Now that our lives have settled down and we are finally in our new home, Sue and I wanted to send you a quick note to personally thank you for all your hard work over the last months. Your integrity and sound professional advice was imperative in guiding us through our new home purchase. We hope to provide future referrals for your services and will certainly use you in our next sale! Burt, once again, we can’t thank you enough for your hard work, dedication and advice! Sue and I both look forward to seeing you in the near future.”

Peter and Suzanne Smith

“Tom and I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service with our home. Not only did you take on the task of finding us a home so quickly, but your follow through has been outstanding as well. We will be happy to refer any friends and family to you. Thanks for everything, Burt!”

Tom and Jessica Arena

“My daughter, Anina, found you on the internet. You were very kind and we felt that we could trust you. Thank you. You were very honest and informative about the properties that were shown to us. We appreciated your honesty & candor. Also, you were not pushy. Thank you again for your help.”

Vera and Dominick DeTommaso

“Sally and I thank you for a job very well done. You did a great job and it was a pleasure working with you. You are truly skillful and experienced professionals who get it done!'”

Mark Hoffman

“We thought you did a great job with our property (considering the market conditions and other factors with our place)”

​Kurt Gerner

“I was most pleased with your proactive approach to selling our townhouse. You were very active in terms of showing the townhouse, and direct with us about the importance of making the townhouse available to perspective buyers when THEY wanted to see it. I believe this made a difference in a challenging market environment. Also, your initial and ongoing market analysis was very helpful for us to understand the realities of the Lincoln Park market and how our townhouse compared to both other listed properties and comparable properties that were sold at the same time ours was listed. Most importantly, you helped manage a challenging situation with our corporate relocation provider. Had you not stayed on top of the mechanics of this process (many things the relocation company should have been managing), I believe the sale would have been at risk. Ultimately, we sold the property very quickly in a challenging environment, and at a reasonable price! Thanks”

​Gregory C. Adams, Susan H. Adams