2018. Hard to believe it, but we are already two weeks into it. (And on that note, thank you all for your support this past year and are so excited to share another year of interior design inspiration with you!)

With the start of the new year, it’s a great time to take stock of your home and give it a little boost. Of course, post-holidays our motivation for big projects is a little low – and our budget is a little tight. So here are two simple and free steps for a fresh home in 2018.

First, pick one (just one!) area to re-organize (and purge!) Perhaps your kitchen pantry that is overflowing with unlabeled spices?. For me, it’s the hall closet that serves as a catch-all and is full of tiny shampoo bottles (guilty!) and likely expired medication. It’s getting a deep cleanse this week! Repeat this step once a month throughout the year and home will be such a calm, relaxing place.

Next, pick one area to refresh and go “shopping” in your home. Perhaps it’s your bedroom that just needs a little love. Steal a pillow from the living room or swap out a table lamp from the hall. Rearrange what’s in the room and create new little vignettes to enjoy. You can do a little a little purging here too, but it’s not just about tidying, so really get creative and give yourself a new space for 2018.

Source: Rue Daily